Six Points To Take Note Of During Chinese Exam

When receiving the Chinese exam results, there are always some students who feel they did quite well, yet did not score high enough. Maybe, marks were lost due to your careless mistakes. Therefore, you need to take note of the following six points during the Chinese exam.

1. Exam Attitude

You need to calm down and answer the questions carefully, no questions should be missed and read each requirement written on the exam paper.

2. Neat Handwriting

Handwriting represents yourself, neat and beautiful handwriting will please the readers and give them good impression. Bad handwriting will cause adverse effect. Given the limited time to mark, examiners could not read each exam paper in detail. Especially for essays, marks given are actually the impression marks, and the main element that forms the impression is the handwriting. From this point, neat handwriting can translate into higher marks.

3. For Listening Comprehension

Read the questions first and know the requirements clearly, then you listen carefully. You can write down the answers on the draft paper first before writing them on the exam paper.

4. For Comprehension Questions

This is one of the questions that are easy to lose marks. When doing comprehension questions, remember to read the passage more than once. Basically, the answers are just in the essay, if you can not find the answer, read the essay again. Do not put the answer without thinking carefully.

5. For Essay Writing

When you see the essay questions, do not rush to begin writing. Understand the requirements clearly, what you are asked to write about, how to write it. When you have a correct understanding of the essay as a whole, then you begin writing. You can refer to the following steps:

  1. Read the question carefully, understand the meaning and do not stray from the point. Choose the writing format you are best at. If you are asked to name the title of your essay, it should be vivid and bring out the theme.
  2. After knowing the question, start to draw outline, know what you want to write, where to address the theme. Paragraphs should be flexible, not always in big size and without clear structure. Usually 4-7 paragraphs would be the best.
  3. No matter what happens, finish the essay.

6. After Finish Exam

First, review for the marked questions which you don't know how to answer, think, and don't panic; Finally, it must be examined carefully. You need to do each of the question again and comparing with the first answer, so that you can find the error.