Why Students Should Attend Chinese Tuition Lessons?

In Singapore, no matter from the Chinese family background, or from the Chinese learning environment, Chinese tuition is necessary for students. There are several main reasons in summary:

1. As Most Chinese Families' Ancestors Migrated From Southern China

There is a huge difference between the Southern China's dialect and standard mandarin. Therefore lots of children from Chinese families have strong dialect pronunciations when speaking mandarin.

Correct pronunciation is important in Singapore's basic education. The Chinese textbooks are divided into reading and writing words. In the PSLE, oral takes up to 50 marks, one quarter of the total 200 marks. This shows the importance of the oral Chinese. Only with standard pronunciation, children will be confident in using Chinese in their daily life. The school is unable to teach each student based on their specific condition,while parents are not trained professionally and cannot teach well enough with their inaccurate language. This requires Chinese tutors to correct students' pronunciation word by word.

2. Chinese Learning Is Mainly Based On The Standard Of The Modern Vernacular Grammar

In Singapore, there is no grammar lesson set for Chinese learning, but actually the grammar knowledge is throughout the words in the textbooks. The official language in Singapore is English, besides Chinese textbooks, the rest textbooks are also in English. Students talk in English.Therefore, students' essays usually have grammar errors and improper words. Practice is the way to learn writing essays, one lesson once a month in school is far not enough. Students also can not understand without teachers. Chinese tutors communicate with students during tuition, this is the foundation of essays. Once they can speak fluently, they can write fluently.

3. The Chinese Tuition In Secondary School Is Very Important

When current secondary school students were in primary school, the Singapore government did not pay high attention on Chinese as they do now. Therefore, they learn a little only, some even never went for Chinese tuition and have weak foundation. Some only know basic daily conversation. However, the difficulty of the secondary textbooks and exams is not low. If teachers follow this level, for some students, they can not digest it. Totally can not understand when reading the textbooks and leave the whole essay blank during exam. Therefore, tuition is very important for secondary students, it helps them to achieve the exam standard and get good results.