How To Choose A Good Chinese Tutors To Ensure Good Tuition Effect?

For a lot of students, Chinese is a frightening subject. In fact, the study and exam of secondary and primary Chinese is much easier than English of the same grade. Once you know the correct methods, it is not difficult to perform well for Chinese exam in a short time period.

Chinese tuition is the key to improve exam results. From my own experience, above 85% of students who do not have tuition are unable to handle Chinese homework and exams. So how to choose tutors to improve the exam results? The following is the experience I summed up to share with parents.

1. Screening Criteria

The tutors should have teaching experience of more than two years;
College education background;
Familiar with current exam syllabus.

2. Attitude And Responsibility

Tutors should have positive working attitude and responsible heart, these are the most important parts.

After all, children all have playful nature. Tutors should help them develop correct study attitude and habits, thus more efficient in study. When children's results are temporarily unsatisfactory, they also feel worried inside their hearts. Under such situation, tutors should be responsible in dealing with the relationship between students and teachers well. Being patient when help them analyse the reasons why they do not succeed, and point out the direction to strive for. Tutors should encourage children to overcome the problems, increase positive confidence and the determination to strive for success.

3. Performance Appraisal

After choosing the tutor, parents should examine his performance.

After the SA1 and SA2 exams, compare the exam papers and result slips before and after tuition to see which part children have improved on. Usually, after 6 months of tuition, above 85% of secondary students should have improved above 5%; For primary students, they should improve above 10%.

For students that show little improvement, we should have case analyse and find out the key reason. For example,

  • Whether children are special;
  • Whether the exam paper is harder;
  • Whether the ranking in the whole cohort/class has dropped;
  • Whether he enters P3 from P2, P5 from P4, S1 from P6, S3 from S2.
    (The difficulty level between these grades will increase, so it is normal that the results dropped a bit, but should not have consecutive drops).

4. The Self-development Of The Tutors

Tutors should learn constantly to accumulate knowledge, and renew the teaching and exam syllabus according to students' needs, know the trend of Chinese learning.