O-Level Higher Chinese Exam Guide - How To Get High Marks?

Paper One

After Choosing The Question, DO NOT Be Ambiguous Or Change The Question Halfway

Letter Writing : Spend No More Than 35 Minutes

  • Know how to write informal letters, formal letter and speech.
  • If two speeches are required, do not panic, just take them as short essays.
  • Read the questions carefully.
  • You should not lose mark on the formatting.
  • You can prepare the greetings, endings and praises in advance.
  • Do not write common words wrongly.
  • Maximum 3 pages (300 words writing paper), as excessively long essay may waste time or cause you to go off tangent.
  • Do not forget to write the question number.

Essay : 1 Hour And 25 Minutes

  • No matter what question is given, do not panic, use what you have learned.
  • Read the question carefully.
  • Draft an outline so you know what points must be covered.
  • Each sentence should not be too long, do not write common words wrongly.
  • Maximum 4 pages(300 words writing paper).
  • For narrative essay, remember to address the theme directly, do not write too many trivial things and end up hastily writing your key points.
  • For words you do not know, remember to check the dictionary.

Paper Two

Filling The Blank : Good students try to achieve full marks, do not spend too long time on one problem. For students who are not good enough, do not be discouraged.

Reading Comprehension One : 2 marks for each question. If you can not find the words, do not spend too long time, move on to the next question. Answer should be clear and short.

Reading Comprehension Two

  • Take note of questions with 4/5 marks.
  • No matter what, the longest passage will only be 600 words, think critically.
  • Understand the content of the reading thoroughly before answering questions.
  • Try to get marks in multiple choice questions (Reading Comprehension One, Two).
  • For explanation questions, locate the part of the passage mentioning the event/person, and explain with relevant sentences or words.
  • For open-ended questions, the 'What do you think' in the question is asking you to talk about your own views, you need to:
    (a). State your stand (agree/disagree)
    (b). Summarise the rough meaning of the passage
    (c). Elaborate your own views
    (d). Try not to write one or two sentences only
  • Do not give up on questions with 4,5 marks.


  • Highlight the argument points.
  • Maximum 80 words.

Time Control

10:45-10:55  Filling The Blanks (10 min)
10:55-11:10  Reading Comprehension One Part A (15 min)
11:10-11:25  Reading Comprehension One Part B (15 min)
11:25-11:50  Reading Comprehension Two Part A (25 min)
11:50-12:15  Reading Comprehension Two Part B (25 min)
12:15-12:45  Summary(30 min)
If any section is very easy, you can spend more time on difficult questions.

Notes On The Day Before Exam

  • Sleep early.
  • Do not eat food that may cause stomachache.
  • Candidates with hair too long remember to cut hair.

Notes On The Day Of Exam

  • Wear school uniforms (PE is not allowed).
  • Be punctual for school.
  • Bring your Entry Proof and Student card.
    For candidates forgot to bring the Entry Proof, you can approach the staff in the Office on the first floor of the Secondary Department to print, $10 will be charged.
  • Bring the dictionary or the electronic dictionary approved by MOE.
  • Go to the toilet before entering the Examination venue.
  • Half an hour before the exam ends (Paper One: 9:30 am; Paper Two: 12:15 pm, not allowed to leave the exam venue).
  • Late for half an hour (Paper One: 8:00 am; Paper Two: 11:15 am, not allowed to enter the exam venue).

If You Are Late, You Can Take The Higher Chinese Exam In The Following Schools:

East : Anglican High School, Chung Cheng High School (Main), Temasek Secondary School, Tanjong Katong Girl's School, Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Victoria School, Temasek Junior College
South : Raffles Institution, Raffles Girl's School (Secondary), Catholic High School, Xinmin Secondary School, Maris Stella High School
West : Nanyang Girl's High School, Nan Hua High School, Methodist Girl's School, Crescent Girls' School, River Valley High School, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), National Junior College
North : CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School (temporarily moved to Toa Payoh), Anderson Junior College

After Eentering The Examination Venue

  • Keep silent.
  • Follow the examiners' instructions.
  • No improper actions (for example, cheating).
  • Do not take off the shoes.
  • Unless necessary, try not to go to toilet.