3 Changes In The Primary 6 Chinese PSLE Begin 2017

Primary 6 students in 2016 will be the last batch taking the old version of primary school graduation examination. Starting from 2017, there will be 3 changes in the primary 6 Chinese PSLE.

1. For The Oral Exam, Pictures Will Be Replaced By Videos

Questions in these videos will be more applicable to students' lives, making it easier for students to relate and discuss about. There will be 3 consecutive questions asked in the conversation component of the oral exam to get students to talk about one thing happened in life relating to the theme. Parents should train the candidates to observe things happened in daily life, and to see these events as part of a big picture. For example, when they see people collecting old newspaper, they can relate it to the main theme which environment protection.

2. A New Section Is Being Added Into The Written Examination - Letter Writing

This will be a short paragraph that students will write in relation to the theme in the comprehension. This component does not focus on student's comprehension skills, instead will test on student's writing skills. Although writing short essay requires candidates to write, it will not test the essay format, and may even provide the format for the candidates. Parents should ask candidates to write short reflections or notes every day, so to better allow them to express their thoughts more clearly.

3. Another New Section Will Be Added Into The Written Examination -
Multiple Choice Questions Will Asking To Deduce The Dialogue Of The Protagonists Based On The Content Provided

This will test student's language ability. When their children are watching videos, for leisure or study, parents can pause it ask their children to guess the following line, to improve their language and conversation skills.