Chinese Exam Guide For PSLE

The PSLE has important meaning for students. As one of the mother tongues, Chinese has always been the pain in students' hearts. In fact, if they can follow the following points, Chinese will be in their bags.

1. Oral Exam (50 Marks)

Oral seems to be easy in getting marks, actually not true. Because this is relative to your play on the spot. The key is to practice according to the oral exam type before the real exam, usually the questions will be about what happen in school, public places and at home. Usually there will be two examiners present in the primary 6 oral exam. Reading is tested first, and only requires candidates to read loudly and fluently. If you read words wrongly or miss words, never read again. Because the examiners may not notice small mistakes. If you encounter words that do not know, just try to move on by reading those words lightly.

The following is reading the video. Explain all the figures and events clearly in sequence, do not miss out. If the examiners think your explanation is incomplete, they will ask you 'Do you have anything else to add on?' This is a chance for you to check whether did you miss out anything, so never refuse.

2. Listening (20 Marks)

You will usually get full marks if you Listen carefully. During the listening exam, you need to read the questions when you listen to the recording tape. Understand and remember the key information, find out specific information and give the answers. In the second time, you should check your answers carefully.

3. Essays (40 Marks)

Essay is a difficult part for students. Without enough practice, essay written will have lots of wrong words and ambiguous content. In the graduation exam, you will choose one out of two questions, essay with pictures and essay with title. Choose the essay with title will be adventurous as candidates may stray from the point. However, they can also get high marks with good essay. Essay with pictures is more safe, but the mark will not be too high. In order to do well for essay with title, we need to prepare before the exam:

Firstly recite some openings and endings of good essays, meanwhile write essays under different occasions with reference to sample essays. Usually titled essay will be about 'me' doing good or bad things only, just under different occasions. If candidates can write essays with such title and recite before the exam, they will feel more confident when they encounter similar questions.

For essay with pictures, you need to read the pictures carefully. Use the reference phrases to understand the meaning, time, place, figures and events clearly. Use

  1. Conversation
  2. Action description
  3. Mental description
  4. Face expression description

to expand content, making it more vivid. The ending part should end with your thoughts and feelings.

4. Paper 2 (90 Marks)

For paper 2, it tests candidates' understanding of Chinese. For both students with strong and weak foundation, multiple choice questions are the easiest part to get marks, it is also the key to earn high grade. But a lot of students are terrified by 'do not understand', they think they do not understand, so they are not dare to attempt the multiple choice questions, thus lose the chance of getting marks. Therefore, we should develop students to have firm belief of 'must attempt the questions, no matter they understand or not '. Try your best to answer, write neatly, do not leave any blanks. This is the key way for students to do well for paper 2.

There are many other students who have the problem is even if the answer is right but they don't get the high marks. To solve this problem, it is important to focus on answering questions without missing words or spelling mistakes. Because every wrong word should be deducted 0.5 score, if one question is two score, you also can't get the score if you have four wrong words, even if answered correctly.