PSLE Chinese Comprehension Paper Two Guide - How To Get High Marks?

There are total 2 essays with 34 marks in Chinese Comprehension Paper Two and very important. I will give some answer skills.

1. Read The Questions First. Understand The Questions And Use Them As Clues When Reading The Essays.

Understand what the question ask and notice the key point inside.

Generally, questions are arranged in the sequence of the essay content. The first question is based on the first paragraph, the second question is based on the second paragraph and so on. The questions are usually about the key information in that paragraph. So, use the questions as clues and read the essay from the start will help you read with purpose.

When reading, highlight out the relevant sentences and possible answers according to the questions and mark with the question number, to provide reference when answering.

2. Answer In Proper Formats

For example,
Q: 为什么小强最近总是迟到?
A: 因为……,所以他最近总是迟到。

Q: 小美不听婆婆的劝告,结果怎样?
A: 小美不听婆婆的劝告,结果被雨淋得全身湿透。

If there are two questions under one big question, answer them clearly one by one, and mark out the number to make the answer clear. For example,

Q: 妈妈到医院去看谁?护士告诉她什么?
A: (1) 妈妈到医院去看外婆。 (2) 护士告诉她外婆明天可以出院了。

Q: 小明是个怎样的孩子?从哪里可以看出来?
A: (1) 小明是个孝顺的孩子。 (2) 从他看见妈妈生病了,就帮她去买药,还喂她吃药这些事可以看出来。

3. Answer With Complete Sentences, Not Short Sentences.

For example,
Q: 你认为作者的做法是不是正确的?为什么?
Answer with low marks: (1) 是。 (2) 因为……
Answer with high marks: (1) 我认为作者的想法是正确的。(2) 因为……

  1. The first question in the Comprehension Paper Two Group A and the second question in Group B are '文中形容...的词语是:____'. If you can not find out the words in a moment, do not stuck to it and leave it to the end. After reading the whole essay have answered most questions, the answer for this question will be easily found out.
  2. If the question asks for example to explain, do not directly use the example from the essay, but you can rephrase and use it for your answer.
  3. When answering in short sentences, avoid grammatically wrong sentences or incomplete sentences. Check for wrong words or wrong perspective after answering.
  4. When answering comment questions (eg, 你认为作者这样做对不对,为什么?), you need to take note of the values. Answer should show your positive, healthy and correct values.