PSLE Chinese Essay With Title Guide - How To Get High Marks?

You need to choose one out f two essays, either essay with pictures or essay with title. It is more risky to choose essay with title as you may stray from the theme. But if you can do it well, you will get high mark. So how to get high mark?

1. Read The Title

Essay with title usually requires candidates to write from the first perspective in the past few years' papers. Writing an event and the what you have changed after it. For example, learning a lesson from it. This event may be a personal experience, a thing happened in your life, what other people have said. This is very similar to the classic questions of essays with pictures.

Under the essay with title, there are 4-5 questions by default, usually cover '6 Wh'. Take the 'That person made me turn over a new leaf ' as an example, the questions by default would be:

1. Who is that person?
2. What did he say?
3. Why did he say that?
4. What did you do after hearing his words?

These questions by default will help candidates to have essay structure and content outline. When reading the title, use these questions to clarify your ideas. The esay content should contain your questions and elaboration about these questions.

Be clear with the requirements when reading the title, and arrange the content according to the requirements. For example,
'那个人的话让我改过自新' should include:

1. My disadvantages
2. What words that person has said about my disadvantages
3. My change

If change (2) into a story I have read in books and relate that to your disadvantages, you will stray from the theme

2. Content

Essay with title requires a complete event. Since the event has happened, you should use a recalling tone.

'Change ' is the central theme of the essay with title. Thus you should write the process of change, which includes 3 parts:
1. Before the event happened (background)
2. The process of change (event)
3. The result of change (effect)

Take '那个人的话让我改过自新' as example:
1. The background is that I have a disadvantage
2. The event is that person criticized me about my disadvantage
3. The effect is that I listened to his suggestion and change myself
The 3 sides above should all be included and emphasize on the second side.

The appearance of change is to turn over or learn a lesson. Thus essay with title usually ends with 'change'. Since there is a clear title, you should include the title into the ending, so to relate to the opening and reemphasizes the title.

3. Notes

  1. You should choose proper material for content, school life, interaction between teachers and students would be the best. Take the '改过自新' as an example, you can write about yourself indulging in computer games, instead of stealing stuff. Similarly, If you write the disadvantage as forgetting to eat breakfast this morning or did not do well for exam would be improper and stray from the theme.
  2. The plot should not be too exaggerate and bizarre. For example, avoid death, dream and science fiction.
  3. Be careful with the perspective. Essay with title usually requires the first perspective. The perspective should be consistent throughout the essay and do not mix up.