Primary 6 PSLE, O-Level Chinese Exam Guide

About PSLE Oral Exam

  • Video Conversation
    1. Do not make up a story, only describe the content of the picture.
    2. Must speak in sequence and order.
    3. Do not name the figures in the video.
    4. Key figures should have detailed description, like the clothes, hairs,etc. For example,
       '戴着眼镜的女士...', '扎着马尾的女孩子...', '穿着衬衫、打着领带的中年男士...'.
    5. Do not forget the scene, for example, the buildings, woods, flowers, indicator and tables.
    6. Conclusion is necessary ...
  • Oral Communication
    The questions in the communication part are all open in the past few years of exam. For example, 在外用餐经验的感受、参加学校活动的经验、对学校校规的意见. Answers should be according to your personal experience or indirect experience from reading, watching TV and stories. DO NOT say 'I have no experience' ...
  • Oral Reading
    From my experience, students usually encounter these problems during reading:
    1. Adding Or Omitting Words
    2. Monotonous
    3. Words Are Read Out As Individuals, Not Together As A Sentence Or Phrase
    4. Reading Too Quickly ...
  • How To Get High Marks In The PSLE Oral Exam?
    Starting from 2017, the Reading Pictures and Conversation in Oral exam will be replaced by video description in the Primary 6 Chinese Graduation exam. Basically, this lowers the level of difficulty, dynamic pictures provide more information to students than static pictures. We do not need to guess about details no more as we can see them directly from the video, and do ...
  • 3 Ways To Improve Performance In PSLE Oral Exam
    1. Vocabulary And Pronunciation
    2. Thinking And Analyzing Ability
    3. Personal Life Experience ...

About Essay In PSLE

  • Essay With Pictures
    Apply '6 Wh' when read pictures:
    1. When
    2. Where
    3. Who
    4. What
    5. Why
    6. How
    Once find out the '6 Wh', you can determine the essay content already. By using the '6 Wh', the essay content can be consistent without missing any important part ...
Primary 6 PSLE, O-Level Chinese Exam Guide

Essay With Title

  1. You should choose proper material for content, school life, interaction between teachers and students would be the best.
    Take the '改过自新' as an example, you can write about yourself indulging in computer games, instead of stealing stuff. Similarly, If you write the disadvantage as forgetting to eat breakfast this morning or did not do well for exam would be improper and stray from the theme.
  2. The plot should not be too exaggerate and bizarre. For example, avoid death, dream and science fiction.
  3. Essay with title usually requires the first perspective. The perspective should be consistent throughout the essay and ...
  • 5 Types Of Primary School Chinese Essay And Possible Propositions
    In Singapore, to help students understand, memorize and learn easily, teachers divide essays into types of Accidental Events, Correct The Mistake Immediately, Good People And Good Deeds, Holiday Celebrations And Life Stories. Now let us take a look at the possible questions and points to get marks for each type ...

About PSLE Chinese Comprehension Paper Two

  • PSLE Chinese Comprehension Paper Two Guide
    1. Read the questions first. Understand the questions and use them as clues when reading the essays.
    2. Answer in proper formats
    3. Answer with complete sentences, Not short sentences. For example,
    Q: 你认为作者的做法是不是正确的?为什么?
    Answer with low marks: (1) 是。 (2) 因为……
    Answer with high marks: (1) 我认为作者的想法是正确的。(2) 因为……

About Chinese PSLE

  • Chinese PSLE Guide
    1. Oral Exam : Usually there will be two examiners present in the primary 6 oral exam. Reading is tested first, and only requires candidates to read loudly and fluently. If you read words wrongly or miss words, never read again. Because the examiners may not notice small mistakes. If you encounter words that do not know, just try to move on by reading those words lightly.
    2. Listening : You will usually get full marks if you Listen carefully.
    3. Essays : Firstly recite some openings and endings of good essays, meanwhile write essays under different occasions with reference to sample essays. Usually titled essay will be about 'me' doing good or bad things only, just under different ...
  • 3 Changes In The Chinese PSLE Begin 2017
    1. For the oral exam, pictures will be replaced by videos
    2. A new section is being added into the written examination - Letter Writing
    3. Another new section will be added into the written examination - Multiple choice questions will asking to deduce the dialogue of the protagonists based on the content provided ...
  • Six Points To Take Note Of During Chinese Exam
    1. Calm down and answer carefully, no questions should be missed and read each requirement written on the exam paper.
    2. Neat Handwriting : Essays, marks given are actually the impression. Neat handwriting can translate into higher marks.
    3. Listening Comprehension : Write down the answers on the draft paper first before writing them on the exam paper.
    4. Comprehension Questions : The answers are just in the essay, do not put the answer without thinking carefully.
    5. Essay Writing : No matter what happens, finish the essay.
    6. After Finish Exam : Need to do each of the question again and comparing with the first answer, so that you can find ...

About O-Level Higher Chinese Exam

  • O-Level Higher Chinese Exam Guide - How To Get High Marks?
    Paper One - After Choosing The Question, DO NOT Be Ambiguous Or Change The Question Halfway
    Paper Two - Filling The Blank : Good students try to achieve full marks, do not spend too long time on one problem. For students who are not good enough, do not be discouraged.
    Reading Comprehension One : 2 marks for each question. If you can not find the words, do not spend too long time, move on to the next question. Answer should be clear and short ...

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