PSLE Chinese Oral Communication Guide - How To Get High Marks?

The oral communication takes up 10 marks, although it is not as high as reading essay and reading video, it is still not negligible.

The questions in the communication part are all open in the past few years of exam. For example, 在外用餐经验的感受、参加学校活动的经验、对学校校规的意见. These questions are very close to students' life and allow them to have content to talk about. So they do not need to make up of story on the spot. This feature is also arranged by the examiners deliberately. Because what they test is candidates' oral expression ability, not the ability to make up stories.

Meanwhile, the communication question will usually be relative to the content of the video description. For example, if the scene in the video description is in a fast food restaurant, the communication question will usually be about the experience eating food outside.

In communication exam, 2 points should be emphasized:

1. Listen To The Questions Carefully, Catch The Key Points And Answer Directly, Do Not Stray From The Theme.

The questions are usually given orally, thus candidates are required to pay attention and listen carefully. If you do not hear clearly, or you do not understand, you can ask the examiners to repeat, marks will not be deducted.

After determine the question, candidates should ensure they do not stray from the theme when answering. For example, if the question is about the experience eating outside, having barbecue by the beach would be an improper answer. Instead, it should be the experience eating in restaurants or hawker centers. Another example would be the experience taking part in school activities. If the answer is about group project work, you stray from the theme. You should choose taking part in the celebration party held by school as a reasonable answer.

2. Answers Should Be According To Your Personal Experience Or Indirect Experience From Reading, Watching TV And Stories. DO NOT Say 'I Have No Experience'.

Candidates must answer in the communication exam. If their response is 'I do not have such experience', examiners will give some reference clues. If candidates still can not give answers, they may get 0 mark. Even though they can answer with the clues. The mark will not be high. Therefore, students can use indirect experience even without personal experience. For example,information obtained from books, TV and stories. Or can observe the pictures asked to read about, and obtain useful information to give inspirations.

The content answered in communication do not need to be too detailed, but should include the 3 points:

1. Answer The Question Directly

Take the '在外就餐' as an example, the direct way to answer would be '有一年的新年,我们全家人到一个很有名气的餐馆吃年夜饭'

2. Phenomenon You Have Observed


3. Your Views About This Phenomenon


Besides content, communication also tests on candidates' oral expression: whether the sound is clear enough, sentences are fluent, communication attitude is natural. Thus during communication, you should sit straight, speak clearly, having eye contact and natural attitude.