How To Get High Marks In The Primary 6 Chinese Graduation Oral Exam?

Starting from 2017, the Reading Pictures and Conversation in Oral exam will be replaced by video description in the Primary 6 Chinese Graduation exam. Basically, this lowers the level of difficulty, dynamic pictures provide more information to students than static pictures. We do not need to guess about details no more as we can see them directly from the video, and do not need imagination to connect the pictures together. What you need to do is just remember the video content and describe it without change. Now I will talk about the skills of oral exam:

1. Reading

Reading tests candidates' literacy and understanding of the article, which is whether do you understand the meaning of this word or phrase. If you understand, relevant emotions will be shown naturally when you read, not mechanical pronunciation. Once you have understood each word in the whole essay, and know the several punctuation marks with emotional colors, the you will have cadence, fluent and bright sound when you read. I have always taught my students about the 3 stages and relevant training methods. They will get relative marks once they reach each stage. In this way, students are clear about the examination standard, divide the seemingly large task into small parts, and tackle them respectively, in order to improve the reading level with purpose.

2. Conversation One

This tests candidates' retelling ability. Examiners will ask fixed questions: '请说一下你在录像中看到了什么?' This question requires candidates to repeat the contents of the video again. Most candidates can repeat around 80% of the total content, but in order to improve further, speaking skills are required. For example, how to organize the opening and ending, how to use transitional words properly when describing. With all these skills, the answer can be more complete.

3. Conversation Two

This tests candidates' sharing ability. The examiners elucidate questions of whether candidates have similar experience based on the video content candidates have described. It is important to learn to graft one twig on another. Although the exam range would be close to candidates' life, but if they really never have such experience, I will tell my students that this is the moment to compete for fast reaction in stead of honesty. Use the daily practice into yourselves, the examiners will believe in stories that sound to be true.

4. Conversation Three

This tests candidates' conclusion ability. The examiners use other people's stories, their personal experience to elucidate candidates to give their thoughts and views about such event. More specific questions would be "对吗?错吗?为什么?如何改正?有何意义? " This is the last peak in the oral exam. In order t answer perfectly, you need to depend on the accumulation in the daily practice. Right or wrong, educational meaning will always under the basic values. If the candidates can use classic examples or give some idiom or good sentences, then the answer will improve drastically and stand out.