3 Ways To Improve Performance In The Primary 6 Chinese Oral Exam

For candidates, the oral exam is a very important part of the whole examination, taking up at least 25% of the total grade in both for primary and secondary exams. The high weightage makes some parents worried and unsure of how to improve on their children's oral ability. Fortunately, the oral exam can be prepared for, and in fact help pull up the final result of weaker students. Even though the exam is in a different format, where pictures replaced by videos, candidates can still make adequate preparations.

1. Vocabulary And Pronunciation

To speak Chinese well, pronunciation and vocabulary are very important. Without a wide vocabulary, students will struggle to express their thoughts clearly. They will stammer and find it hard to complete sentences. Without standard or clear pronunciation, the final grade will also be affected. In order to expand vocabulary and ensure proper pronunciation, parents should let children listen to Chinese radio stations and watch Chinese TV shows, and encourage them to communicate in Chinese in their daily lives. By doing these, the children's vocabulary will expand and be able to answer questions by the examiners fluently.

2. Thinking And Analyzing Ability

Candidates should develop their own thoughts and feelings, and be able to express it. The oral exam questions are mostly on social issues and national education. Therefore, students should pay regular attention to social issues and local news, while parents can help to discuss current issues with them. It is important for them to see things in the bigger perspective. This ensures candidates will not run out of things to talk about or be unable to express their ideas well.

3. Personal Life Experience

In order to perform well in the oral exam, candidates' personal life experiences are also very important. When facing the examiners, students should treat it as if they are chatting with their friends. By using language as a tool and maintaining a positive attitude when communicating with the examiners, students would achieve high grades in the oral exam.