How To Write A Good Chinese Argumentative Essays?

When we understand some things, phenomenon or problems in our life, we will form our own views and statements. Expressing these views, elaborating and explaining them would be argumentation. By writing it into an essay, it would be argumentative essay. Now let us talk about how to write a good argumentative essay.

1. The First Paragraph : State Arguments

Arguments are your views or stands on the issue discussed, they are the soul of the whole essay. Every argumentative essay will have one central argument only, usually with multiple sub-arguments. Argument should be clear, accurate, summarizing, never be ambiguous. So, what are the standards for a good opening?

(1). Clear
(2). Beautiful
(3). Short

2. The Second And Third Paragraph : Evidence

Evidence is the material to prove arguments. Evidence has two types of factual argument and theory evidence. Factual evidence use the facts to tell, theory evidence use classic to win. Evidence should be about the central argument and this is a basic requirement. If the evidence chosen can not keep consistent with the arguments, the convincing power will be weakened.

3. Ending

Ending usually acts for stating the argument again, making the argument more vivid with clear and short ending. It will be better if it is thought-provoking. The basic requirements for ending:

(1). Point out the argument
(2). Head and tail echoes
(3). Thought-provoking

Each Paragraph In Argumentative Essay Can Be Written In 5 Steps:

Step 1 : The first sentence should give the sub-argument of this paragraph

Step 2 : Quote Famous Sayings

Prove the sub-argument with theory, which is theoretical argument. The sayings should be relevant to the sub-argument, if not, it will not be helpful.

Step 3 :

Give classic and representative example, from the ancient to the modern worlds, from positive to negative sides are all accepted. Write in short and clear form, do not write too much.

Step 4 : Analyse And Elaborate

This is the most important step in this paragraph. Without elaboration, the evidence and examples given would not be convincing.

Step 5 : Paragraph Conclusion

Relate to the opening of this paragraph and reaffirm the sub-argument. You can use words like '因此' or '所以我认为'. In this way, this paragraph will be a complete argument.