How To Write A Good Chinese Narrative Essays?

Narrative essays use narrative and description as main expression ways, the main content is about describe people, events, scenery and objects. So, how to write a good narrative essays within short time period?

1. Clear Central Theme

Narrative essays should have clues that go through the whole essay. Central event, figures, authors’ thoughts and emotions can all be the clues. In one essay, there can be one or more clues, but in a narrative essay with around 450 words only, one clue is proper.

2. Possession Of 6 Elements

Narrative essays usually include 6 elements, which are Time, Place, Figures, Cause, Process and Results.
Narrative essays describe people and events, in order to make the content clear, you need to introduce clearly who are the figures, in what time, what places, what are the cause, process and results. If the 6 elements are unclear, essay’s content would look incomplete, the structure is obscure ,as well as the central theme.

3. Clear And Short Opening

The opening should shoot the theme and introduce the following content.

4. Clear Sequence

  1. Chronological Narration
    Write in the sequence according to the process of events and time.
    Function : Make the story complete and in clear order, giving deep impression.
  2. Reverse Narration
    Write down the results first, and then write in the sequence according to the process of events and time.
    Function : Create the suspense, attract readers, make the essay vivid in plots.
  3. Narration Interspersed With Flashbacks
    Stop halfway in the narration and insert with another thing.
    Function : Make the plots more complete and twist, enrich the content.

5. Real And Touching Plots

Good narrative essays are impressive because of their real and touching plots. Usually the materials of event are divided into major and minor. The major materials are those that can show the essay’s central point, and need to be described in detail. The minor materials can be brief and even neglected. Clear division gives readers deep impression.