How To Write A Good Chinese Essays?

Wring essays is a creative practice in learning Chinese, it is a comprehensive manifestation of students’ cognitive level and wring skills, and a comprehensive training of words, phrases, sentences and essays. In order to write essays well, you need to grasp the following points:

1. Write Essays According To Title Requirements

Firstly, we need to be clear about the question’s requirements and write essays strictly according to the requirements. If you obey the requirements, you will not be able to get high marks no matter how good you write.

Before beginning to write, draw an outline is a necessary step. The essay outline usually includes 3 parts:

  1. Title
    Write down the title or title to be completed in the middle of the first line.

  2. Main Content And Theme
    It is below the title and includes the main content and central theme of this essay.

  3. Arrangement
    This is the main part of essay, and yous should take note of the following 3 points before design.
  1. Arrange the materials’ sequence.
    What should be written first and what is next. How many paragraphs the essay should be divided into, what is the content in each paragraph, in the form of small titles.
  2. Determine the key content according to the central theme. Which content is major and which is minor.
  3. Determine the opening and ending according to the materials and central theme.

2. Write Good Opening And Ending

Opening and ending are the focal points in an essay. Especially for the opening, if you can not attract readers at the very start, they may not be patient enough to finish reading the essay. The best opening is to shoot the theme at start. Introduce the time, place, reason and figures that the event involves, and then describe the main content. This can start further elaboration and save the words, allowing the essay to flow fluently. Take note that opening should be clear and short.

Good ending can deepen the theme, emphasize the central point and enhance the essay’s appeal. Ending with conclusion is a good way, making comments on the figures and things will reveal the essay’s central points and conclude the whole essay’s meaning.

3. Clear And Short Content

It is the key point for a good essay. We need to remember that a short sentence is more powerful than lengthy nonsense, the vernacular is more popular than the obscure terminology.

4. Take Note Of Paragraphing

Some students like to write essays with 3 paragraphs, one short opening, one short ending and one long paragraph in between. This will give obscure essay structure as all the content is squeezed into one paragraph. You can divide the middle paragraph into 2-3 short paragraphs, making the structure more clear.

5. Write A Good Sentence In The Start Of Each Paragraph

The first sentence in each paragraph is like people’s eyebrows and eyes. Once you have written it well, it will make people look pretty. It will be the best if the first sentence can summarize the content of that paragraph.